Why Enter

There are many reasons to participate in the indexing of one of the UK’s most disruptive companies.


Whether you are a small startup battling against the odds to get visibility of your new solution, or a long established company not always associated with the innovative projects you are running, increasing the profile of your work can have many benefits. If you are recognised as the top 100 or 50, you will gain exposure to a wide business audience as one of the most promising organisations in the post digital economy, leading the field in the next wave of successes in the business landscape. As well as producing profiles of the top 50 companies within the main report, D/SRUPTION will also be running several interviews and articles with entrants from March to October 2019.


Seeking recognition for the hard work and inspiration of your teams who have worked to bring new ideas to life (and possibly met many barriers on the way), can be extremely motivating and rewarding. Being indexed can also increase confidence to consumers, and help with recruitment of the most promising new talent.

Investor relations

Having the weight of experts evaluating your efforts and feed back on the potential and ingenuity used gives a significant acknowledgement that you are on the right track to external investors- whether it is for ongoing relations or for raising investment.


Being part of the project will enter you into D/SRUPTION’s ecosystem of innovators and experts from the technical, academic, business and investment spheres. Part of the aim is to meet fellow entrants at Disruption Summit, and to learn from the process and panel. Sharing knowledge and expertise between companies on the front line of innovation is central to our mission, and as such there will be opportunities to expand networks.


You will able to review the ranking within the index, feedback from the expert panel and Unanimous AI on the process. Alongside the analysis in the Disruption50 report, the appraisal will give participating companies a new benchmark on activities, looking at potential and so helping quantify the value of future facing strategies.