Monica Parker

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Monica Parker, Founder, Hatch Analytics

Monica has been an author, speaker, designer, CEO, activist, investigator, clown, opera singer and,
most recently, founder of HATCH, a human analytics and change consultancy that specialises in the
future of work.

Her specialism of more than a decade has been navigating and communicating organisational change.
She is a regular contributor to many publications including Thrive, The Huffington Post and Silicon
Republic, and is a workplace authority for CNN, BBC Radio and BBC Worldwide.
Her early career was punctuated by her work as a homicide investigator defending death row inmates
for Florida’s Department of Justice. Her academic qualifications include the University of Miami,
University of Pennsylvania at Wharton and Queens University Belfast, and her current role as founder
at HATCH is to help clients challenge the status quo and inspire positive action through change.