For more than 20 years, Hotwire has been laser-focused on telling innovation stories through integrated communications for its clients. Whether it is fast-moving start-ups landing funding rounds, scale-ups on the path to world domination or multinationals needing the foresight to plan for the future, we’re doing it every day.

We have teamed up with D/SRUPTION to host a series of events and produce a number of reports about the tech and innovation which will change the business landscape in 2019. These activities not only give our Hotwire team access to a ready stream of inspiration and knowledge, but allow us to see these changes from both a vendor and customer perspective, the complete disruption ecosystem if you will.

The Disruption50 is particularly exciting for us and not just because it means we get to talk cutting-edge thinking and tech all day! By recognising the incredible efforts of businesses doing things differently, we can also learn from others, deepen our knowledge and connect different industries together for mutual benefit.

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